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Registration is now closed!
The next term will begin May 26, 2015, and registration for this term will begin April 24.

Email classes@gocomedy.net with any questions! For info on paying for classes, click here.

The Program:
Go U offers classes for a wide range of experience levels and personal motivations. Think you're the funniest person in the office and want to take that to the stage? Wish you could be more confident when speaking in front of others in a professional setting? Already performing and looking to hone your skills? We can place you in a class that is right for you. Taught by the best working improv teachers in town, these classes are a great way to meet new people and push yourself to do something new, fun and challenging.

The Improv Academy is broken into four programs: Intro and Advanced Improvisation, Skills, and Sketch Comedy Writing. We also offer Workshops & Summer Camps. Classes are $225 ($175 for the teen classes!) and run for eight weeks. Our next term begins in May 2015. Please do not sign up for a later class unless you have taken the previous classes, or checked with Go U staff. 

Classes are for 18 and up ONLY! If you are younger, check out our offerings for students under Go Youth, or email us with questions. 

Paying for Classes:
Each term costs $225. There will be a $25 late fee added to this cost if you register after May 24, 2015. Click through to either the Intro or Advanced tabs to register or pay for class. You can also sign up during box office hours at our theater.

Visit the FAQ page

If you have further questions, please contact Gary Lehman or Jessica Loria at 248.327.0575 or classes@gocomedy.net.

Interested in helping a lucky Go U student? Consider a donation to our scholarship fund! We use this money to assist talented students, who might need it for one reason or another.


Current Term

Intro 2 | Teacher: Pete Jacokes| 7-10p
Adv. 4 | Teachers: Joe Hingelberg
& Quintin Hicks | 7-10p

Intro 1 | Teacher: James Quesada
& Chris Petersen | 7-10p

Writing 3 | Teacher: Lauren Bickers | 7-10p
Adv. 1 | Teacher: Bob Wieck | 7-10p

Intro 4 | Teachers: Cara Trautman
& Michelle Giorlando | 7-10p
Adv. 2 | Teacher: Bob Wieck | 7-10p

Intro 3 | Teacher: Scotty Myers| 7-10p
Adv. 3 | Teacher: Jen Hansen | 7-10p
Forms Elective | Teacher: James Quesada | 7-10p

No Classes Offered.

Intro 1 | Teacher: Joe Hingelberg | 12-3p
Intro 2 | Teacher: Chris Petersen | 12-3p
Intro 3 | Teacher: Quintin Hicks |3-6p
Writing 1 | Teacher: Pete Jacokes | 3-5p

Intro 2 | Teacher: Sean May | 12-3p
Adv. 2 | Teacher: James Quesada | 12-3p
Adv. 3 | Teacher: Pete Jacokes| 12-3p
Boot Camp | Teacher: Chris DiAngelo | 12-3p 
Teen Class | Teacher: Bob Wieck | 5-7p