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it's coming: BITS 2016

1) Tournament Description:  16 Teams will compete in a 15 week bracket-style long-form improv tournament.  Every Wednesday at 8pm starting April 27, two teams will play against each other.  Each team has 22 minutes to impress the audience with their skills. The team that wins each week will move on to the next round.

2) Prize: The team that wins the tournament will receive $1,016 and join The Sunday Buffet rotation.

3) Team Selection: Anyone that wants to is welcome to submit a team. Teams will be selected by the owners of Go Comedy based on quality, variety of long-form styles, whether the team has competed previously, and additional factors. The 16 teams in the Tournament will be announced on Wednesday, April 20, following the Itty Bits final. Teams that perform short-form improv games will not be accepted for this tournament.

4) How to enter: Registration begins TODAY and ends on Tuesday, April 19th at 5pm.   To enter email the following to

        - Team Name:

        - Team Captain:

        - Team Captain Phone:

        - Team Members:

        - Form:

        - Links to video (if existing):

6) Registration Fee: There is a $50 registration fee for each Team playing in the tournament.  The fee is not due if you are not selected. The fee is due NO LATER than Wednesday, April 27 at 7:30pm. Failure to pay the fee on time will result in dismissal from the tournament and a new team will be chosen.

5) Selected Teams:  A final roster of your team must be sent in by April 19 at 5pm. After that no players may be added to a team without permission from Go Comedy.  

6) Players:  No player can be on more than 2 teams. In the event that one player is on two teams that go head-to-head, that player must choose one team to play on that night.  If the team wins, the player continues in the tournament, if the team loses, the player  may not rejoin the winning team for the rest of the Tournament.

7) Show Nights:  Teams should arrive at the theater no later than 7:45pm. Team Captains should check in with the stage manager when they arrive. There will be a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors backstage to determine which team gets to call the coin toss on stage.  The Featured Quarter may/may not be back. The winner of the on-stage coin toss will have the option of performing first or second.  In the case of a tie vote at the end of the show, the team that goes first wins.  

7)Weekly Winner Selection:  At the end of each show the audience will get one vote per ticket purchased (one ticket per audience member). The team that gets the most votes will win the round. In the semi-finals and finals, in addition to the audience vote, Go Comedy will select 3 impartial judges. These judges will each receive 10 votes to divvy up between the teams based on the night’s performance.

8) Box Office:   No complimentary tickets will be given out during the Tournament.  Teams that are performing may watch their opponent, if there is room in the theater. They are welcome to purchase a ticket, if they wish to guarantee a seat.