“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh,

otherwise they'll kill you.”

― Oscar Wilde, The Nightingale and the Rose

We’re wondering…

  • Are your teams hitting brick walls because of interpersonal dynamics? 
  • Are you losing money, time, or customers because of a reoccurring breakdown in your business operations? 
  • Have you identified the need for a specialized training that requires a different kind of wheelhouse?
  • Are you unclear about what the problem actually is?

GO!Corp doesn’t do “cookie-cutter.” We offer tailor-made experiences and interventions. Our team draws from the principles of story-making, improvisation, and years of organizational experiences to solve the most unique challenges that a business may face. 

We know that every good story has a good problem. Something that seems insurmountable. Impossible. Or at least…difficult.
That’s where we come in. 

Theatrical improvisation is far more than “making things up on the fly”. 
When applied to a corporate organization, we use these principles to:

  • “Storyboard” the multifaceted elements of a situation
  • Analyze the “storyboard”
  • Create a practical intervention


Theatrical improvisation, coupled with practical approaches to organizational development, is an incredibly innovative instrument for affecting real change at the individual, team, and systemic layers of an organization. 

After a careful analysis of your work culture and business goals, our organizational consultant, Jeffrey Allen Steiger and the Go Comedy team (lead by professional improvisor and instructor, Pj Jacokes) will work with you to will identify the core issues and needs of your situation. 

Using the same techniques that improvisors use to build story and promote truth-telling, the GO!Corp consultants will pinpoint the norms, dynamics, and issues of your workplace flow and communication. Working closely with your company’s leaders, the consultant team will incorporate traditional and non-traditional mediums to create a one-of-a-kind workshop designed specifically for your company’s needs.

Whether solutions require the design and facilitation of interactive, focused workshops, or the simple change of one of your day-to-day processes, GO!Corp will create the simplest, most direct approach that combines fun with astounding results. 

If you would like to arrange a phone call to learn more for for an initial, confidential and free discussion about your business needs, please contact Anne by email or call (248) 327-0575.