GO U presents: NYC

Our talented alumnus James Quesada is off in the Big Apple, so if you're interested in improv classes and live in NYC, this is for you!


An Improviser’s job is to be really, REALLY good at having fun. Your sense of play is that little spark of inspiration that comes when you find something funny, exciting, or magical. Fun is what happens when you catch that spark and let it light up the whole room. This class will focus on core Improv skills and explore tools of clown, physicality, and a variety of absurd games to sharpen your sense of play and turn you into a better vessel for fun.

8 week course| Sundays 3/11 - 4/29 | 3-6PM
This class is intended for intermediate to advanced improvisers. 

James Headshot (Fun).jpg


JAMES QUESADA is an enthusiastic Improv coach, teacher, and director from Metro Detroit. In Michigan, James has served as the Director of Long Form at Go Comedy! Improv Theater and the Assistant Director for Pointless Improv Theater. He has taught and performed Improv all across the country including LA, Vegas, Phoenix, Omaha, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, Camp Improv Utopia East, and is now based out of NYC.


UNDER St. Marks
94 St. Marks Pl

Between 1st Avenue & Avenue A
New York, NY 10009
Basement theater, no wheelchair access
(212) 777-6088