Keith Faigin

Keith Faigin


Keith has been performing improv since the 80's (1989, to be precise, but "80's" sounds more impressive).  After falling in with the wrong crowd, he took to doing stand-up in the 90’s.  He hit rock bottom in 1994 when he won the ‘Funniest Man in Peoria, Illinois’ contest.  Keith is proud to put that dark chapter of his life behind him and now performs improv (almost) exclusively.  Keith trained at Second City Detroit and Go Comedy and has performed with numerous improv troupes.  He can be seen playing in and hosting the All-Star Showdown regularly.  He is also a regular in Go Comedy's annual 'Roasts' and is one of the producers of the Detroit Improv Festival.

Keith's first novel, The Bone Eaters, is available exclusively for Kindle on (or 'will be available shortly' depending on how quickly we update this web-site).



  • Go Comedy Resident Cast
  • Poor Old Johnnie Ray