Intro to Viewpoints for Improvisation with Oliver Georgiou
Wednesday, DECEMBER 27 | 7-10PM | $25

Want to make every improv scene you're in look like a rehearsed play? Viewpoints are a simple set of elements that are always in play whether or not you're paying attention to them, but that can be easily manipulated by the actor through training and awareness. Be the actor, writer, dramaturge, and director of every scene you're in. 1+ year(s) of improv experience required to sign up.

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Oliver Georgiou is an actor, improviser, and comedian who takes himself way too seriously. He is the founder of SODA School Of Dramatic Acting where he produces SODA Theatre, SODA Underground, Hat Trick Comedy, and specialty improv classes, including an Intro to Viewpoints.


Sharpening Your Sense of Play | James Quesada
Saturday, January 13 | 3:30 - 6:30pm

An improviser should be really, REALLY good at having fun. Your sense of play is that little spark of inspiration that comes when you find something funny, exciting, or magical.  We're gonna find ways to catch that spark and let it light up the whole room. This workshop will use tools of clown, physicality, and a variety of absurd games to sharpen your sense of play and turn you into a better vessel for fun. In the Purple Room of the Training Center.

Find Out Who You Can Be | Damaged Goods Improv
Sunday, January 14 | Noon - 3:00pm

This workshop will focus on the deep creation of characters and the potential they have for continued use in Long Form, Short Form, and Sketch. Stefan Gearhart of the award winning improv troupe, Damaged Goods, will teach you how to develop characters over time, how to stay in character, and how to pull characters quickly out of your ass! You'll never play a similar version of yourself again! By the end of the workshop you will be able to take a number of characters with you to use on stage whenever needed and have the techniques to create new ones instantaneously and not copy your partner! In the Orange Room of the Training Center.

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The last Saturday of each month, we offer different workshops taught by our fabulous Go U instructors! All workshops are in the Purple Room of the Go U Training Center (522 E. Nine Mile) unless indicated. They run from 3-5pm, and cost $20.

DECEMBER 16 | Doug Kolbicz | 3-D Scene Work | IN THE THEATER
In improv you are given a big blank open space to play in, and many performers just fill that space with two people standing there, or two people sitting there. Maybe they move back and forth, or throw a chair once in awhile, but for what purpose?

This workshop will use various exercises to explore the usefulness of object work,  building environments, and creative staging.

Come discover new ways to take your scenes into the third dimension.

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