Hatsy Sticksy was formed in 2013 after the six troupe members graduated from The Go:U Improv Academy. Hatsy Sticksy performs their self-created form, Faceprov, a unique style mixing influences from forms such as The Harold and The Slacker. The gang begins with three different Facebook statuses which inspire separate scenes, and create a story that connects and relates the characters and scenarios throughout the set. In 2014, Hatsy Sticksy won the BITS competition at GO Comedy! and can be seen regularly as a part of the theater's Sunday Buffet lineup. When not performing the troupe enjoys taking photos together, Facebook messaging each other, and creating competitive games involving hats and sticks. 


  • Nuverre Naami

  • Jason Valentini

  • Jaclynn Cherry

  • Michael Smith

  • Brad Surman

  • Josh Hamilton