Episode 17: Dysfunction by Staind

This week on Roach Koach, Jenny and Lorin bring Staind onto the Indigo Porch and take the deep dive into their album Dysfunction. Your hosts delve into producer Matt's utter hatred for this band as well as try to use some clues to decipher just how religious Fred Durst really is. Also: Who's Tweeting? Is this album boring? Should Lorin sing over more songs on the show? What topics are worth talking about instead of Staind? As well, another great betrayal, an update on acquiring Crazytown.com and the decision of whether Staind belongs in the Nu-Metal Canon. Like the show? Share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Follow @roachkoach on Twitter, and rate and review Roach Koach on iTunes. 

Posted on September 28, 2016 .

Episode 16: Spit by Kittie

Get out your leopard print and join Jenny and Lorin as they discuss Kittie's debut album Spit on this episode of Roach Koach. Topics include: Did you know these girls are teens? Did Jenny find treasure in a comments section? Who is tweeting at Roach Koach? What does producer Matt Naas think of the industrial side project by one of Kittie's former members? What does a band do when they run out of lyrics? Most important, does this album belong in the Nu-Metal Canon? Please take some time to like Roach Koach on Facebook, say hello to @RoachKoach on twitter, share the episode with friends, and give us a review on iTunes. 

Posted on September 21, 2016 .

Episode 15: System of a Down by System of a Down

On this week's episode of Roach Koach, Jenny and Lorin are surprised to find that nu metal agnostic Matt Naas hides a secret connection to this week's album. What could it be? Also discussed: Which nu-metal luminaries would Jenny like to have coffee with? Are there plans for a spinoff podcast? Can Lorin decipher the System of a Down liner notes?  Does this band have a musical theater background? Do you, the Roach Koach listener, need a nickname? Most importantly, does System of a Down belong in the Nu-Metal Canon? Listen and find out! Please share, like on Facebook, and say hello to @roachkoach on Twitter. Oh and review us on iTunes!

Posted on September 14, 2016 .

Episode 14: Roots by Sepultura

Pits are activated and hearts are changed on this week's episode of Roach Koach. Lorin and Jenny give Matt Naas their full report from Return of the Dreads. They talk about meeting a fan, eating fries, and Jenny's change of heart regarding Korn. Once that business is handled, the team gives a listen to Sepultura's album Roots, another in a long line of productions by "The Angel" Ross Robinson. Does it make the Nu Metal Canon? Listen and find out! Please give us a like on Facebook, a follow on Twitter (@roachkoach) and a review on iTunes. 

Recorded by Matt Naas on location at the Indigo Porch. 

Posted on September 7, 2016 .

Episode 13: The Fundamental Elements of Southtown by P.O.D.

This week on the Roach Koach podcast, it's all about healing and what better way to heal than with the soothing sounds of P.O.D. Jenny, Lorin and producer Matt Naas take time to explore the themes and ideas that run through P.O.D.'s major label debut, and album with songs about rocking parties AND taking naps. Matt does his able best to decipher the album art and Lorin and Jenny decide whether ...Southtown belongs in the Nu Metal Canon. Rate and review on iTunes, say hi and like Roach Koach on Facebook, send love to @roachkoach on Twitter.  

Posted on August 31, 2016 .