The Writing Program

PLEASE NOTE: Writing 1 is offered every other term. It will be offered again in the term starting in late May.

Welcome to the Writing Program 2.0! The program will culminate in a show written by the class, and tweaked and rehearsed in levels 3 & 4. This program focuses strictly on the writing side of sketch comedy; participants will not be expected to perform in the final show, but rather to produce and cast it. Scroll down for more details and registration information!

Our next term will start on March 19, 2016, and registration will open by noon on February 19!  Please email with any questions! 

All classes are $225 unless otherwise noted. There will be a $25 late fee added to this cost if you register after registration closes.

Please only sign up for Writing 3 if you've taken the previous section. Please email with any questions! 

Writing Program: The Details!

The new writing program concentrates on the writing and development of an original sketch show. Writers will not be expected to perform. The first classes concentrate on the different types of sketches, fundamentals, and writing exercises, and over the course of the term, students will hone their crafts to develop a complete show with a limited run at Go Comedy.

The writing program will consist of four levels, each running for 8 weeks. All levels will run for three hours, and cost $225, however students who sign up for Level 3 must commit to Level 4 as well - as these will be spent creating, casting, and putting up a sketch show. There will be auditions for the sketch show, and writing students will not perform.