Spring Break!

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Spring Break is upon us, and since the new term of classes doesn’t start until May 30, why not take this quick opportunity to take an improv workshop or two? Check out the amazing list of offerings below, in order by date offered! Each workshop is $30, though we are offering a limited number of five-for-$100 signups. Five for $100 is good for all workshops.

*Some of the workshops require experience or prerequisites - pay attention before signing up!*

Drop-down menus for paying follow the list of workshops below. No discounts allowed. If you purchase the deal, shoot us a quick email (classes@gocomedy.net) to let us know which workshops you want! 


Quit Faking It | Teacher: Jess Loria
Monday, May 15 | 7-10PM | In the Theater

Improvisers are actors first, and it’s easy to forget that! This workshop will take you back to acting basics, to find that sense of reality that drives the scene (yes -- even the most absurd scene!). We’ll explore acting techniques and exercises as they enhance improv scenes, and I’ll push you gently out of your comfort zone. We’ll focus on connecting with yourself and your scene partners, and create honest reactions while exploring genuine emotion. Be prepared to feel, to break down walls, be vulnerable, and then translate all of that to the improv stage. I promise we’ll laugh a little, too. Must have completed Intro 3 to sign up.

Harry Potter and the Four Major Methods of Humor Delivery | Teacher: Chris Fortin
Monday, May 15 | 7-10PM | In the Go Comedy HQ

The basic theories of why we think things are funny (and why we have senses of humor at all) will be discussed, along with exercises to extrapolate these key methods of humor for inspection. Must have completed Intro 3 to sign up.

Just Write Already! | Teacher: Mary Beth Kolbicz
Tuesday, May 16 | 7-10PM | In the Go Comedy HQ
Do you have a million brilliant ideas floating around your head, but you can't seem to write them down? Is your hard drive filled with amazing sketches, but none of them have endings yet? Do you have a title for the best show Go will put up this year, but you don't have the plot yet? Just write them already! This workshop will focus on how to find your own writing process and get your ideas out of your head and into a script. Come prepared to write, and please bring a laptop.

Want Some Individual Notes? Take This Workshop| Teacher: Gary Lehman
Tuesday, May 16 | 7-10PM | In the Theater
If you've been wanting some individual feedback, things to work on, things you didn't know you needed to work on, etc., then take this workshop. You will get individual feedback along with strategies on how to improve and work on those areas. Must have completed Intro 3 to sign up.

The Autobiography | Teachers: Emily Engelhart & Jake Russell
Wednesday, May 17 | 7-10PM | In The Training Center, Purple Room

Emily Engelhart and Jacob Russell (Koala Yummies) will break down their two-man form "The Autobiography". We'll start with exercises focusing on generating dynamic characters and work towards incorporating these skills into scenes. Students will walk out of the workshop with the knowledge and tools to perform an "Autobiography" as well as some additional exercises to create and maintain rich characters and relationships. This workshop is for existing and aspiring duos but is also open to individual improvisers. Must have completed Intro 3 to sign up.

Being Vulnerable | Teacher: Julia Schroeder
Wednesday, May 17 | 7-10PM | In The Go Comedy HQ
Some of the richest moments of humor in improv are moments when we let our characters suffer, let our characters fail, let them get offended or fall in love. In other words, when we let our characters experience the same things that real people experience. By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, we allow ourselves to be affected by the scene and show real, honest reactions and emotions which ultimately leads to better improv. Must have completed Intro 3 to sign up.

Character Discovery | Teachers: Maggie O'Reilly & Nuverre Naami
Thursday, May 18 | 7-10PM | In The Go Comedy HQ

This workshop will help push past 2 dimensional characters that can be useful in both improv and sketch writing. We will provide helpful tools to dig into character based scenes to make it more interesting and fun! Requirements: 3 character bios with at least five life-changing events.

Get Out of Your Fucking Head! | Teacher: Cara Trautman
Thursday, May 18 | 7-10PM | In The
Training Center, Orange Room
This mega fun workshop is centered on quieting the mind, relieving anxiety, and learning how to relax while improvising. You'll have a blast as you explore simple tools and exercises to combat show stress and stay more focused on stage. I’ll teach you how to push aside nerves to get the most out of your performance. Great for newbies as well as seasoned improv veterans! Must have completed Intro 3 to sign up.

How to Play With Difficult People | Teacher: Jen Bloomer
Saturday, May 20 | 12-3PM | In The Go Comedy HQ
Do you find yourself wondering how to play with people who are violating all the rules of improv you know? Want to know how to feel confident stepping on the back line to play with that person? Must have completed Intro 3 to sign up.

Dark and Getting Darker | Teacher: Doug Kolbicz
Sunday, May 21 | 3-6PM | In The Go Comedy HQ
Death. Sadness. Disease. Do you find yourself tempted by these taboo topics? If so, this workshop will help you find the line and learn not to cross it. When is it appropriate to dance with improv darkness, and when should you keep the sun shining? This workshop is not for the politically correct. Must have completed Intro 3 to sign up.

Musical Improv | Teacher: Jeremy St. Martin
Monday, May 22 | 7-10PM | In The Theater

Adding music to improv is an amazing way to unlock more potential in working both the game/scene, and finding new insight as an improviser and team. In this workshop, you'll learn not only musical games and forms, but exercises to bring out confidence in vocal technique, rhyming, and making simple melodies. This program is recommended for those with an advanced understanding of games and various forms of improv. Wear comfortable clothing for potential movement. Must have completed Advanced 2 to sign up.

Improvising Beyond Today | Teacher: Scotty Myers
Monday, May 22 | 7-10PM | In The Go Comedy HQ

Break the time-space continuum in this Gendre-bending workshop! From visiting other time periods to bringing Shakespeare and Science Fiction to life, we'll explore using the elements of genre to work for us... or we'll break the universe - either way it will be fun.

The Economy of Means | Teacher: Chris Petersen
Tuesday, May 23 | 7-10PM | In the Go Comedy HQ

The mantra of improv is to always provide information. It's easy to lose sight of when too much information quickly becomes noise. In this workshop we will pause at crucial points to take stock of where we are in a scene and what we can do with it. If you've ever been in a long form set that's gone quickly to FuckWorld (tm) from the best of intentions, this workshop could help you. Must have completed Intro 3 to sign up.

Breaking Into Commercials | Teacher: Pj Jacokes
Wednesday, May 24 | 7-10PM | In the Go Comedy HQ

Tips, tricks, and advice for auditioning and booking commercial work.

I Love Myself and I Know Everything | Teacher: Mitch Socia
Wednesday, May 24 | 7-10PM | In the In The
Training Center, Purple Room
This workshop will focus on character and settling into that character. The title coming from the idea that if you are truly and confidently settled into that character, you will know everything in that world and have an answer or reaction for anything. Must have completed Intro 3 to sign up.

Stop Inventing, Start Discovering | Teacher: Lauren Bickers
Thursday, May 25 | 7-10PM | In the In The
Training Center, Purple Room
Do you find yourself trying too hard in scenes with no reward? Stop! You're doing too much. Just play! In this workshop, we'll open ourselves up to finding those magical improv moments by playing honest characters, making real connections and allowing our scenes to develop through our characters' reactions and discoveries. Must have completed Intro 3 to sign up.

Welcome to the Writers' Room | Teacher: Matt Penridge
Thursday, May 25 | 7-10PM | In the Go Comedy HQ

Have you always wanted to learn some of the basics of sketch writing while also experiencing life in the writer's room? Well, then you're in luck! In this workshop you'll learn about bits and beats, and formatting, the seven basic plots, some tips on generating material, writing for the stage, the game, heightening, and more. To be prepared for class you will only need an eager attitude and a writing device, preferably a laptop to make it easy to share your work, but a pen and notebook will work too. The end goal is for each student to leave with a rough draft and a smile.


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Five for $100 is good for any of the workshops -- feel free to mix and match! The only reason there are two menus is that Pay Pal limits the number of options in one menu. 

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