Spring Break!

Thank you for joining us for Spring Break this year! We hope to bring you some more amazing workshops in the future.


Improvised Monologues | Teacher: James Quesada
Monday, May 16 | 7-10p | $30 | In the Purple Room
Uh-oh. You're on stage but no one else is there, it's just you. How did this happen? You jumped out to edit the scene, ready for the next one, and the rest of your troupe took a moment to tie their shoes. Bad timing on your part. Or maybe you voluntarily signed up for some kind of Improvised Monologue Slam. Either way the audience is looking at you with smiles like you might say something. So you turn to them and...

Get Out of Your Fucking Head! | Teacher: Cara Trautman SOLD OUT
Tuesday, May 17 | 7-10p | $30 | In the Go Comedy HQ
This super fun workshop is centered on quieting the mind, relieving anxiety, and learning how to relax while improvising. You'll have a blast as you explore simple tools and exercises to combat performance stress and stay more focused on stage. I’ll teach you how to push aside nerves to get the most out of your class/audition/show. Great for newbies as well as seasoned improv veterans!

Stop Apologizing & Have Fun! | Teacher: Maggie O'Reilly
Wednesday, May 18 | 7-10p | $30 | In the Purple Room
No choice is the wrong choice, if everyone is having fun! This workshop will concentrate on being confident in your abilities, weather you're in a scene or on the backline. Not every line is going to hit and not every object worked ball is going to be caught, but anything that happens on stage, CAN BE FUN!

Stay in Your Head | Teacher: Chris Petersen
Thursday, May 19 | 7-10p | $30 | In the Purple Room
In improv, do you find yourself wishing you could 'get out of your head'? Why? Maybe you should stay there. Trust your instincts, reactions, and the one character you can play best (hint: it's you) when you're onstage.

Extreme Listening | Teacher: Nuverre Naami SOLD OUT
Sunday, May 22 | 12-3pm | $30 | In the Go Comedy HQ
In this session we will give your ears a workout like never before! We'll dive into creating stronger scenework with a focus on presence and active listening. We'll also explore the realms of "listening" visually and physically and uncover the secret behind the coveted "callback" (Hint, there isn't one!). After this workshop you'll realize that everything you ever need in a scene is already there...if you're listening!

*SOLD OUT* SING-PROV: An Introduction to Musical Improv | Teacher: Sean May
Monday, May 23 | 7-10pm | $30 | In the Purple Room
Everybody loves music. Your audience does. You do. You also happen to love improv. Let's explore your new favorite thing to do ever: Musical improv! No previous singing experience necessary! Just a love of improv and a willingness to learn in a fun and safe environment with awesome people! Let SEAN MAY ("ROBOCOP! THE MUSICAL", "ROCK-O-MATIC") show you that you already have the seeds of musical improv success planted in you, way back when you took your very first improv classes. Warm ups, exercises, and scene work that will leave you with the confident feeling of freedom and joy that only musical improv can provide!

*SOLD OUT* The Joy of Improv | Teacher: Julia Schroeder
Tuesday, May 24 | 7-10pm | $30 | In the Purple Room
Let’s face it - you love improv, whether it’s the goofy characters, the discovery of something unexpected, or the simple connection with a scene partner. Improv is fun and when you’re having fun, your scenes naturally feel better. Unlock that experience of play during this workshop…just for fun!

Go Green: Using Your Environment for Better Scenes | Teacher: Gary Lehman
Wednesday, May 25 | 7-10pm | $30 | In the Purple Room
This workshop will explore all the things readily available all around you to help you get into, play, expand, and have fun in scenes. This workshop is accessible for improvisers at all skill levels. Will there be object work? Yes! Will you still have fun? Yes!

*SOLD OUT* PARALLEL UNIVERSES | Teacher: Chris Petersen
Thursday, May 26 | 7-10pm | $30 | In the Purple Room
In this workshop, we will take time to explore unplayed options in scenes: what you could have done differently and where those options could lead. There aren't bad choices in improv, but there are some you might enjoy more. This is an opportunity to find those choices.