Advanced Improv

Registration will open May 1! 

Please note that the last day to register for classes is May 28, by 5pm. If you register after this date, there will be a $25 late fee added on to your class. 

Upcoming Term
Start:  Saturday, May 31, 2014

End:  Thursday, July 31, 2014
Days Off:  Week of July Fourth (No Classes: Tuesday, July 1--Monday, July 7)

Class Shows:  Tuesday, July 22 & Monday, July 28

Advanced Improv focuses on scene work and long form montages. Moving past the gimmicks of game-based improv, Advanced Improv will challenge you to create memorable scenes and skillful shows.

Advanced Improv requires some previous improv education. Contact us if you are unsure where you should start.

Advanced 1: Scene Work

Shake the cobwebs off your improv or reinvent your approach. Learn the GoU Improv Philosophy and be free of the “rules” of improv. This class will focus on how you create a scene, work with a partner and keep an audience interested. 

Saturday | 3-6pm | Teacher: Chris Petersen

Advanced 2: The Elements of Montage

Building upon the scene work skills of Advanced 1, Advanced 2 begins stringing those scenes together through an improvised montage. Learn and master the elements that create a montage.

Tuesday | 7-10pm I Teacher: Clint Lohman

Advanced 3: Forms

Now that you’ve learned the basics, learn how to perform signature montages in a variety of styles.

Wednesday | 7-10pm | Teacher: Dan Izzo

Advanced 4: Make-a-Montage

Create a one of a kind improv montage.

Saturday | 12-3pm | Teacher: Pete Jacokes

The Masters Program - NEW

Formerly Advanced 5, the Masters Program will allow students to create and develop a one-act sketch show through improv. This program will run for 3 class terms (24 weeks), meeting on Sundays, with additional rehearsals as needed (closer to the October show dates). Students must commit to the full process. Students will learn sketch writing techniques, as well as writing through improvising and re-improvising. The final product will be a one-act sketch show, in which the students write and act.

This is an audition only class. Auditions will be held on March 30. Please email us for a time slot and additional information!

Sundays 3-6pm | $225 (per term) | Teacher/Director: Nancy Edwards