The Short Form Showdown

We are looking for 16 three-person teams to compete in a bracket-style tournament of short form improv games starting February 7, 2018. Each week two teams will go head-to-head playing randomly selected improv games. At the end of the show the audience will vote on which team they think deserves to move to the next round. The team that makes it to the end wins $500 and a night (TBD) performing in The Go Comedy! All-Star Showdown.

To submit:

  • Send an email to
  • Include your team name, 3 cast members, and contact info for the team captain.
  • Include any Wednesday conflicts between Feb. 7 and April 18. (Note: for the first round, shows will be at 8 and 9PM; rounds 2 & 3 are at 9PM).

On January 31, we will choose 8 teams based on casts, experience, previous winners, etc. & 8 teams at random in a live drawing. We will announce the first round schedule on February 1.


  • If chosen, each team must pay a $35 entrance fee, due by February 7, at 5pm. If the fee is not paid, your team may be disqualified.

  • No team may have more than one member of the Go Comedy! Resident Company. (This includes previous cast members or alumni, but does not include understudies.)

  • No performer may be on more than one team, or submit more than once.

  • Submissions are due by 5PM on  Tuesday, January 30, 2018.

  • Each week two teams will face off. The audience will vote for which team they think deserves to make it to the next round.

  • In an effort to keep things fair, no member of any team may purchase tickets to a show the s/he is performing in. In other words, your friends and family need to purchase their own tickets, and you can’t buy out the theater in advance of the other team. Additionally, only four tickets may be purchased at one time. Any violation of this, or any other unsportsmanlike conduct, will result in immediate elimination.

  • The finals will be a full All-Star Showdown on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.