Improv Wherever, Whenever


Want to create the funniest, most memorable surprise party/team-building event/Tuesday possible? Go Comedy! has more than 25 experienced improvisers and comedy writers on staff—ready and willing to entertain your family, friends or colleagues. We’ll come to you or you can come to our theater. Think of Go Comedy! when you’re planning your next event.

  • 20- to 90-Minute Improv Shows for Any Occasion
  • Improv Comedy Workshops for Businesses, Organizations, Fraternities/Sororities and more
  • Improv “Roasts” for Birthday and Retirement Parties
  • School Assemblies & Senior All-Night Parties
  • Live Auctions
  • Custom Comedy Shows—Written Exclusively for Your Event

Performance and workshop rates vary based on date, time and duration.

Contact Andy French at 248.327.0575 or for information regarding rentals, events, and corporate, or non-corporate parties.



Improvisation teaches…

  • Listening
  • Agreement
  • Cooperation
  • Supporting the Ideas of Others
  • Give and Take
  • Conflict Resolution

Does your company need to work on these things?

Workshops range from 90 minutes (2 hours?) to a full day of 6 hours.

Team Building
Need help working as a successful team?

Let us train your group to function as a well-oiled machine. We use hilarious improv games to teach people how to be a crucial part of the team. Learn to cooperate and create together and have a great time doing it.

Listening and Communication
Are there roadblocks in your group’s communication?

Clear communication will help your entire organization. We’ll lead your group through fun exercises designed to improve their listening skills. Learn to say “Yes, And” when communicating, and watch your group morale improve and productivity soar.

Leadership Skills
Are your managers the best leaders they can be?

A team is only as effective as its leader. GO will help your management team improve their skills so they can lead by example. Skills such as listening, conflict resolution, and motivation are covered in fun, hands-on exercises.

Please contact Andy French at for more information or to book a workshop.

Improvisation Incorporated 

Strengthening Meeting/Workshop Effectiveness 

Are people who attend your meetings having difficulty getting beyond their self imposed barriers?

Do you have employees that need to be more spontaneous or "think on their feet" ?

Would you like your supervisors to be more creative, willing to take more risks, or be better listeners?

Improvisation Incorporated delivers improv comedy that is integrated with your business meetings and workshops and addresses these challenges. We have talented and experienced consultants who have years of both corporate and improv experience focusing on leadership, team building,  workshop/meeting and training design, as well entertainment.

Leadership Workshops

Leadership is unscripted and so is improv! In fact, many of the principles of improv are similar to several leadership competencies. For example, risk taking, listening, creativity, cultivating trust, teamwork, etc. Improv tools can be used in leadership workshops, or as a part of a leadership module. 

Stepping Out of Ones Comfort Zone

Many participants come into meeting/workshops with self-imposed (or sometimes organizationally imposed) "walls or barriers" around them, especially if they fear others in the room for whatever reason (e.g., their boss, etc.). These barriers tend to restrict them in terms of risk taking and creativity during the session. Additionally, increasing risk taking and creativity might be a key purpose or objective of the meeting. In either case improv comedy tools, when used early in the meeting/workshop, can be very effective in breaking down these barriers early in the session.

Skill Building

Using role-playing can be a very effective tool in various skill building workshops. For example, giving performance reviews, job candidate interviewing skills, effective meetings, etc. In these workshops the workshop leaders (or participants) could improvise, for example, the performance review meeting from "hell" and then a highly successful performance review meeting. They then could talk about the key differences. It's both fun and a highly interactive teaching tool.