KEVIN MCDONALD is BACK! - September 21 | 10-5p | NOW ONLY $150!

Go Comedy! is thrilled to welcome Kevin McDonald of the Kids in the Hall for a 7 hour workshop to improve your acting and writing skills. In a group of twenty to thirty actors you will learn how to write comedy through performance, and use improv as a writing tool.

The workshop will warm up with improv games to help sharpen storytelling skills, and evolve until students are doing their own improvised scenes in small groups. Kevin will go from group to group, helping and guiding with the "writing" of each scene. Each group will then have the opportunity to present their sketch.

After getting notes, revising and presenting the scenes again, the workshop will end with the groups going away and actually finalizing their scenes. The now fully written scenes will be performed one last time for everyone. Some of them may even make it into his show that evening.

This workshop will improve your acting and writing skills, and will teach you how both skills work in unison to create great scenes and hilarious comedy. And if you ask him, there's a good chance Kevin will answer any questions about the Kids in the Hall. You might have to ask him to shut up.

Games Workshop!

October 4. 12-3pm. $25.

It’s been a minute since you’ve attempted short form. Relearn the games of the showdown before the audition on October 11, as well as get helpful audition tips, from ResCO director Tim Kay. Space is limited.

Last Saturday Workshops!

The last Saturday of every month, we are offering a different improv workshop, each focusing on a different skill. Each one is $20 (unless otherwise noted), and runs from 3-5pm. Signing up is encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome!

September 27: Getting Out of Your Head | Teacher: Joe Hingelberg

October 25: Physicality & Movement | Teachers: James Quesada & Gary Lehman

November 22: How to Break Your Norms | Teacher: Bob Wieck

There will be no workshop in December!