The last Saturday of every month, we are offering a different improv workshop, each focusing on a different skill. Each one is $20 (unless otherwise noted), and runs from 3-5pm. Signing up is encouraged, but walk-ins (cash only please!) are welcome - unless it's sold out!

September 26 | Being Normal in an Insane World | Dan Izzo | 3-5p | $20
In classic comedy scenes, there's a sense of decorum and properness that is being torn apart by the comic performers.  A vital component of this comedy is the 'straight man' the person who suffers or is tormented by the lack of decorum and societal norms created by the comic actor.  Improv actors work very hard at creating comedy situations and filling in the necessary background of the scene.  There's an untapped vein of comedy in the classic form of straight man/comedian - and this seminar will explore these themes.  We will work on how to create characters that exist in a 'normal' space and can function in a scene where everything steers towards the unusual.  We will work on creating a comic foil that doesn't impede action in a scene - but helps throw the comedy of the scene into harsh relief.  Remember - pie fights are only funny when someone who doesn't want to get hit with a pie in fact gets hit with a pie.  

October 24 | Get Grounded! | Jess Loria | 3-5p | $20
Are you sick of doing entire sets playing as talking lamps? Tired of scene partners who break the fourth wall for a laugh? Or simply just looking for a new way to play the scene?! Too often, our improv takes us to strange places, where we’re going for the joke, or exploring the absurd. Rarely do we take time to explore what can be naturally funny, and the joy that comes from making a genuine emotional connection with your scene partner and the audience. This workshop will focus on channeling real emotion into the scene, without weighing it down. We’ll find humor in the ordinary, and even show how that can heighten the weird. It’ll be f%@king fun. I promise.