Guest Workshops!

We are pleased & excited to welcome Tara DeFrancisco and Rance Rizzutto from Chicago, to lead us in two amazing workshops.
Learn more about them here!

Sunday, February 14
11a-1p | It's Already There | $35
We’ve all been in an improv scene that has felt like work. Something happens that either scares or confuses you (or both) and you spend the scene trying to figure out what is going on or force something to happen. Tara and Rance will show you that everything you need was in the scene from the beginning, and teach you to trust in that knowledge. Purchase here!

130p-330p | Musical Improv | $35  | SOLD OUT!
This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to start their path into musical improv, or build on the skills they currently have. Tara and Rance will alleviate nay fears of musical improv, as well as give you the skills to turn any scene into a musical opportunity. Purchase Here!


Need more Tara & Rance? They will also be performing Here, their improvised musical on Feb. 11 at 8pm!



The last Saturday of every month, we are offering a different improv workshop, each focusing on a different skill. Each one is $20 (unless otherwise noted), and runs from 3-5pm. Signing up is encouraged, but walk-ins (cash only please!) are welcome - unless it's sold out!

Get out of your FUCKING head: Audition Edition | February 27 | 3-6pm | $30 | Cara Trautman

This super fun workshop is centered on quieting the mind, relieving anxiety, and learning how to relax on stage. Get ready to have a blast as you learn simple tools and exercises to combat show/class/audition stress and stay more focused on stage. Auditioning for the launch group? This workshop is for YOU! I’ll teach you how to push aside your nerves and get the most out of your audition. Great for newbies as well as seasoned improv veterans. 



IMPROVISING IN THE STYLE OF SHAKESPEARE | Sunday, May 15 | 3-530P | Steve Kleinedler

This workshop is a primer on how to improvise in the style of Shakespeare, both soliloquies and dialogue. You'll learn how to fall into the natural rhythm of Shakespearean speech, play with status, use metaphor and simile, do courtly dances, and much more. Steve was the director of The Robert Cycle at ImprovBoston, a weekly summer-long show about a fictional cycle of English Kings Robert, Robert I through Robert XI.

$40 - Purchase here!

Steve Kleinedler has been improvising on and off for the past 32 years and consistently since 2000. He graduated from the Players Workshop of Second City in 1987 and from ImprovBoston in 2002. He's taken workshops and classes from Del Close & Charna Helpern, Martin deMaat, Amy Poehler, Susan Messing, Joe Bill, Will Luera, and countless others. He taught at ImprovBoston from 2003-2011, and has been teaching at PHIT since his move to Philadelphia in 2011. He's taught workshops in Baltimore, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit (DIF), Providence (PIF), Chapel Hill (NCCAF), Pittsburgh (PCF), and San Juan, Puerto Rico (MATCH).

In 1985 he cofounded the improv troupe Spontaneous Art at Michigan State University. In 1991 he was one of the founders of the still-running Shattered Globe Theatre in Chicago. He began performing at ImprovBoston in 2001, and between 2003-2011, his directing duties at IB included the Improv Boston Family Show and the sketch team The Ruckus. As a director, he's collaborated with playwright David Mogolov on six one-person one-act shows, one of which has played at the New York City Fringe Festival, and three at the New York City Frigid Festival. At PHIT, he directed house team Hot Dish and currently directs Dirty Laundry, and he manages and hosts The Dean's List