Last Saturday Workshops

The last Saturday of every month, we are offering a different improv workshop, each focusing on a different skill. Each one is $20 (unless otherwise noted), and runs from 3-5pm. Signing up is encouraged, but walk-ins (cash only please!) are welcome - unless it's sold out!

SO WHAT?! | Saturday, June 25 | 3-5pm | Teacher: Pete Jacokes

Do you get down on yourself when you have a bad set? Does it eat you up when you ZOP instead of ZAP? Who really cares? Just you. This two hour workshop will throw you in the deep end to help you realize it's just improv.

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Saturday & Sunday | July 9 & 10 | 10am-530pm | $300

Come join a new workshop with Kevin McDonald of the Kids n the Hall (that's who he says he is anyway). In this workshop, you will each bring a script of a comedy sketch that you have written. Please bring enough copies for each character in the sketch, one for someone to read stage directions and one for Kevin. For example - if the sketch has 4 characters, bring 6 copies.

On Saturday, we will read all the sketches and Kevin will give notes - as only a man who had a sketch comedy show in the 90's can. (Hopefully his notes won't be "Can there be more references to Soundgarden?"). You will then have an hour or two to re-write your sketches - with Kevin's help (If he isn't too busy, listening to old Soundgarden albums). 

So bring your laptops to the workshop. Then we will re-read the newly written sketches and Kevin will give more notes. Your homework for that night is to re-write the sketches one more time.

On Sunday, the newly re-written sketches are read again. Kevin picks 4 or 5 of the sketches and then he casts the sketches and rehearses them all day with you. And even if your sketches aren't picked - everyone has to be in at least one sketch. And Kevin will rehearse each sketch, one at a time so even if you're not in the sketch being rehearse, you will have input on the sketch (like the Kids in the Hall used to do). 

And that night, the new sketches will be performed and part of a show that Kevin is putting on. So come to Kevin's workshop/show - where he will also tell many Kids in the Hall anecdotes. Probably too many. You will probably end up asking him to stop telling Kids in the Hall anecdotes.

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