upcoming Workshops

Adding Momentum
Bob Wieck | 3-6PM on Feb. 25 | $30 | In Go Comedy HQ

This workshop will focus on both the micro (characters, scenes, edits), and the macro (the long form set as a whole) to show how the Improvisor can add elements to heighten the energy of the set, while adding depth to their characters and relationships. 

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Auditioning for Improv
Doug Kolbicz | 3-6PM on Sunday, March 5 | $30 | In Go Comedy Theater

With Go Comedy Launch group auditions just around the corner, this workshop gives students the opportunity to focus on the spefics of an improv audition. Covering everything from audition etiquette to scene work, students will leave this workshop feeling fully prepared for the upcoming audition. The workshop will also entail simulated improv audition rounds. Whether it's your first time auditioning or fifth, come to this workshop for the answers to all of your questions about resumes, headshots, what to expect during the audition and more!

Guest Workshop: Mona Thompson & Shara Tonn

Clowning | Tuesday, June 20 | 7-9PM | $40

The art of clowning is all about using your entire body to convey meaning. If you are an improviser who feels disconnected from your body, this workshop will teach you ways to bridge that gap in your performance.


About Mona & Shara -- Full Website Here

Mona Thompson is an improv performer, teacher, and coach. She began improvising in high school, continued in college as a member of the Stanford Improvisors, and never looked back. Currently, Mona performs with Un-Scripted Theater Company, Minerva, The Human Knot, and Mona and Shara Do Improv. She teaches at BATS Improv, San Mateo High School, and Stanford University. In 2014, she co-founded Collective Capital, a company that helps organizations create a culture of innovation through improv and design. Learn more at

Shara Tonn is an improviser, teacher, actor and clown. An alumna of the Stanford Improvisors, Shara performs with Un-Scripted Theater Company, Minerva, The Human Knot, and Mona and Shara Do ImprovShara also recently enrolled in the San Francisco Circus Center’s Clown Conservatory and started performing with Bay Area Children’s Theater. She teaches improv at Collective Capital, Un-Scripted Theater Company and Aragon High School.