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A highly interactive improvised game show – one part “Whose Line is it Anyway,” and one part “Match Game PM”. The audience can be as involved as they want to, but aren’t picked on. The game show features a series of short improv games, challenges and more. PLEASE NOTE: Buy your tickets to the All Star Showdown online and save $.50 per ticket. Groups of 12 or more get 10% off.

Wednesday Nights

Wednesday nights

Wednesday nights

Sunday Nights

Click here to purchase tickets.

Click here to purchase tickets.

Week of 09/29/2014

Student Appreciation Night
7PM: Fresh Sauce
8PM: Student Troupes
9PM: Teachers Lounge


8PM: Scary Stories, and Other Scary Stories ($10)
9PM: Go Labs: Beta Testing ($7)
10PM: Proving Grounds feat. Standprov ($5)

8PM: Missed Connections: The Movie (Live!) wsg Rarrr ($10)
10PM: The Die Centennial ($5)

8PM: All Star Showdown ($18)
10PM: All Star Showdown ($18)
1145PM: Name This Show (Free!)

8PM: All Star Showdown ($18)
10PM: All Star Showdown ($18)
1145PM: Name This Show (Free)

7PM: Fresh Sauce 
8PM: The Sunday Buffet ($10)

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Every Sunday Night Go Comedy! hosts a great night of comedy. Here's what the next month looks like:


Drop the Fist opens the show & A Couple After 10 headlines it.  In between 3 of the finest improv troupes in the area perform scenic long-form improv comedy. Pay what you can at the door  ($5 in advance).  See the troupe schedule below. Come by at 7pm for Fresh Sauce, our open improv jam, where anyone can improvise!


10/05: Drop the Fist, Secrets Secrets, RARRR, Presto Change-o

10/12: Drop the Fist, Soft Friction, Brothers Jacokes, The Offbeats

10/19: Drop the Fist, Hatsy Sticksy, RARRR, Presto Change-o

10/26: Drop the Fist, Generation Gap, Brothers Jacokes, The Offbeats