Week of 2/8/2016

7PM: Quizzo Trivia (Free)
9PM: Beerio Kart ($5 to Play)

8PM: Itty Bits ($10)
9PM: Standprov ($10)

8PM: HERE! with Tara DeFrancisco ($15)
10PM: Rock O Matic ($5)

8PM: Date Night wsg Bad Ass Fairy Tales ($18)
10PM: All Star Showdown ($18)
1145PM: Name This Show (Free)

8PM: All-Star Showdown ($18)
10PM: All Star Showdown ($18)
1145PM: Name This Show (Free)

7PM: The Sunday Buffet ($10)
9PM: Fresh Sauce (Free)

Go Tweets

We're available for corporate workshops and road shows! Email Andy@gocomedy.net for more details. 

Shows Wednesday through Friday. Now featuring Quizzo and Beerio Kart on Tuesdays! 

Whether it's a workshop to help your team communicate, a custom show to entertain your next convention or a space to rent for your event GO! has yah covered! 


Enjoy craft cocktails and local brews at The Go! Bar.

Gift Certificates:  Give a class or a show, or both!  They live here.

On Wednesday & Thursday - one ticket is generally good for the full night of shows!
(Pending availability, but we're usually pretty available!)